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Some clients have offered to write down their experiences of how counselling and wild therapy workshops have helped them, and I share these here. Reviews are anonymous unless the author has given permission to include their name.

“Clare is a very talented therapist who uses a powerful focusing technique to uncover unconscious emotional states that lie within the psyche and body, that assist with the removal of psychological blockages. She is genuinely kind and empathic in her therapeutic manner and I felt immediately at ease with her and trusted her completely. The uncovering and healing process skilfully facilitated by her helped me to make some difficult decisions that have changed my life for the better. She displayed professionalism and integrity throughout the sessions I shared with her.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“Thank you so much for your beautiful presence, reflection and guidance. You really have been marvellous. I appreciate what you have given me and allowed to unfold, immensely.”




Finding Your Place Workshops

“So, it actually became quite a transformational activity for me, this whole looking for and then finding my place, because it’s been quite laden with anxieties that are decades long. This whole journey has been part of my life long quest for authenticity and being a bit more at peace with myself. I’d recommend Clare highly for supporting people with such a journey.”

“Thanks for an amazing experience. I’ve got lots of unpacking to do over the winter months but I now know what direction to move in.”

“It was a wonderful experience that has really kick started something in/for me. Thank you!”

“I absolutely loved the last one and the powerful experience has stayed with me and is helping to guide me through on my journey of reconnection. I really hope to make it back to another course later in the year.”

“For the deeper things in life, sometimes its not about finding an answer, but crafting the right question, finding the beginning, allowing yourself to be shown the gate that leads to the other side.
I know that wherever my journey leads me Clare’s ceremony is working in me and that candle continues to burn.”
Timothy Hogan 2018

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