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Focusing-Orientated Therapy

When we are able, as Jack was, to slow down and experience all the elements of sensation and feeling that accompany our traumatic patterns, allowing them to complete themselves before we move on, we begin to access and transform the drives and motivations that otherwise compel us to re-enact traumatic events.

(Levine, 1997: 187)

Focusing is a technique based on a natural process identified and developed by Eugine Gendlin for bringing awareness to sensations held in the body. Gendlin noticed that people who included the body and the ‘felt-sense’ in their therapeutic process had more successful outcomes.

For example, a person may be aware that whenever they feel anxious their throat becomes tight or they get a knot in their stomach. By giving this feeling attention and space, and finding ways to describe it using words and images, deeper levels of understanding can open up.

Focusing offers a structure for guiding this process that encourages a gentle, friendly and curious attitude towards the self. It works with the energetic sense of the issue, that is, the sense of ‘all of it’, and there is often no need to go into details about the content of what happened. My role as therapist is to be alongside you and as accurately as possible reflect back what is happening.

It is a method that supports the release and transformation of unresolved painful experience. The outcome is often a sense of completion and renewed vitality.

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